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Microcurrent works if you work it

Microcurrent in Esthetics | by Jane Mann


I founded in Microcurrent in Esthetics in 2008 on LinkedIN, it's primary focus was to train and collaborate with other esthetician about the benefits of microcurrent .  Today, it is one of the largest platforms designed and catered to the esthetic professional covering more than just microcurrent!   The basis of this group offers free learning  and sharing community.  We also offer  paid classes with multiple instructors,  group experiences and the ability to purchase used equipment!  

Why here?

We will keep the Facebook group going, but I will hold my classes from this platform.  This network offered easy access with an app that is easy to download and have on your phone. It also combined the ability to hold live classes as well as video classes.

A Big Thanks

I can't share enough how grateful I am for all of you.  I am inspired by your desire to learn, become better estheticians and passion.

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